Konica Minolta



Spectroradiometer CS-2000A

A high end spectroradiometer for light sources and displays that measures spectral data, luminance and chromacity. Fast measurement times with high repeatability ideal for the low luminance blacks and contrast measurements on modern displays. Accurate as low as 0.0005 cd/m2 providing accurate contrast measurements at 1,000,000:1.


Konica Minolta Spectroradiometer CS-2000A World’s best for analyzing ultra-low luminance: 1,000,000:1 contrast measurement

Opening the curtain on a new age in which people can experience theatre ambience with their home televisions. The Spectroradiometer CS-2000A enables high-accuracy mega contrast measurements of the extremes from delicate shadows to glittering wave fronts which are the key to image reproduction performance.

The Spectroradiometer CS-2000A is capable of measuring ultra-low luminance levels of 0.0005 cd/m2 of various light-emitting devices and flat-screen televisions such as LCDs, plasma displays, organic EL displays, LEDs, etc. as well as performing high-accuracy measurements corresponding to scotopic relative luminosity.


Principal applications

The CS-2000A can be used for luminance and chromaticity measurement of various optical devices such as displays like LCDs, PDPs, organic ELs and FEDs, as well as light sources such as LEDs and lamps.