Konica Minolta



Photovoltaic Reference PV Cells

Reference photovoltaic (PV) cells developed in collaboration
with Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science
and Technology (AIST) utilizing Konica Minolta's advanced
optical filter technology to provide high-accuracy measurement
for adjusting the intensity of solar simulators used for evaluation
of solar cells including tandem cells.



Accurate adjustment of solar simulator intensity

With the current increasing focus on renewable energy, solar cells (photovoltaic cells) are in the spotlight. As companies strive to improve the performance and characteristics of solar cells through the development of new types such as tandem solar cells, it is necessary to perform evaluation of each product under standard test conditions. Solar cell performance is evaluated by I-V measurement in accordance with IEC, ASTM, and JIS standards. For accurate measurements, it is necessary to utilize a reference photovoltaic cell with a calibrated short-circuit current to adjust the intensity of the solar simulator to be used for measurements.


Product outline

Reference PV Cells consist of a stable single-crystal silicon solar cell combined with newly designed glass filters and covered with a glass plate in a specially-manufactured frame, and can be calibrated as a secondary reference with traceability system of AIST. These cells conform to JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) C 8904-2:2011 Photovoltaic Devices - Part 2: Requirements for Reference Solar Devices.