Get ready for FOGRA51

On September 30th FOGRA, bvdm and ECI announced the immediate availability of FOGRA51 and FOGRA52.

Konica Minolta and basICColor now supply the tools to implement the new standard into daily work.

FOGRA39 is history
FOGRA51 is the successor of FOGRA39. It is the standard printing condition for coated papers printed in offset printing. FOGRA52 is the successor of FOGRA47 and is the new standard printing condition for uncoated papers. Both are based on the current ISO 12647-2:2013 and have huge advantages over the old standards.

FOGRA51 & FOGRA52 are based on measurement mode M1 and allow to achieve the CMYK aim values on todays production papers with ease. In combination with the current normlight standard ISO 3664:2009 proof to print matching is no rocket science even for uncoated stock.

In order to allow for a smooth implementation, Konica Minolta and basICColor offer the following package:

1. Spectrodensitometer FD-7
- Measurement mode M1
- Measure light and check if the normlight is according to the standard
- Scanmode to quickly measure TVI calibration strips
- Function to check amount of optical brighteners
- Traceable to NIST (perfect agreement to FOGRA51 & FOGRA52)

2. Software catch calibrate
- Evaluation of normlight with FD-7
- Specialized pressSETUP test chart to quickly calibrate solid coloration and TVI
- Export of TVI correction curves for various CTP systems

3. lonGTrack7XL
- long ruler to scan the test chart conveniently

4. One day training

Contact Konica Minolta or basICColor to learn more about the attractive package price.

Why is FOGRA39 outdated?
FOGRA39 was developed at time when papers contained only small amounts of optical brighteners while today‘s papers contain a significant amount.

As a consequence, printers have issues achieving the solid coloration (CIELAB values of CMYK solids). In addition, a proof-to-print match may be hard to achieve due to the bluish production paper compared to the rather yellowish proof. These problems are solved with FOGRA51.




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