Konica Minolta




PaperManager is a dedicated software for production control in the Pulp- & Paper-Industry.


Main features of PaperManager :

    • Dongle-protected
    • WINDOWS™ 7, 8 and 10 compliant
    • Tactile screen compliant
    • Measurements can be stored inside a database
    • User-profiles can be generate for easy usage and production management
    • UV calibration for CIE Whiteness and Tint, ISO-Brightness and spectral profile data
    • Calculates Rx, Ry, Rz, XYZ, Yxy, CIELAB and HunterLab Color values
    • CIE Whiteness and Tint as well as ISO-Brightness R457 (TAPPI)
    • Measures Opacity and Transparency
    • Calculation of absorption and scattering coefficients


    PaperManager in combination with a CM-3630 spectrophotometer with d:0 geometry, is a solution in full compliance with the following international standards.

    ISO 2469 : Reflectance factor

    ISO 2470 : ISO Brightness

    ISO 2471 :  Opacity

    ISO 3688 : Pulps, ISO brightness

    ISO 5631-1 : Determination of Colour C/2°

    ISO 5631-2 : Determination of Colour D65/10°

    ISO 5631-3 : Determination of Colour D50/2°

    ISO 9416 : Light scattering and absorption coefficient

    ISO 11475 : CIE Whiteness

    ISO 11476 : Indoor whiteness

    ISO 12625-7 (July 2014): Brightness and Colour D65/10 (outdoor lighting)

    ISO 12625-15 (April 2015): Brightness and Colour C/2° (indoor lighting)

    INGEDE : Ink Elimination IE700 in %