Konica Minolta




SpectraMagic DX is a color measurement software package that can be used to interface with Konica Minolta’s newest measurement instruments CM-25cG and CM-M6 and provides easy usage for the analysis of color and color difference with a convenient diagnosis function.


The successor of the SpectraMagic™NX, SpectraMagic™DX, is a colour measurement and control software suitable for almost any industry such as Plastics, Paint & Coatings, Cosmetics, etc.

Whether your colour control involves incoming raw materials, in process production or outbound colour critical goods and materials, SpectraMagic™DX makes it easy to inspect and control colour.

While in principal keeping the look&feel of SpectraMagic™NX, the new design of the SpectraMagic™DX user interface enhances working experience and makes using the software even simpler.

Utilize pre-defined screen templates for Pass/Fail assessment, statistical process control, or R&D analysis. SpectraMagic™DX helps you choose just what's right for you.

SpectraMagic™DX connects to Konica Minolta’s portable spectrophotometers (except CM-512m3A) and is suitable for all up to date Windows OS systems.