Konica Minolta


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CAS 140D High-end Array Spectrometer

Stray light corrected array spectrometer suitable as a reference instrument in laboratories and for production


In combination with the correct accessories / all spectral measurement tasks. 

CAS 140D accessories for LED measurement

  • LEDGON goniophotometer
  • LED 4xx adapter for luminous intensity
  • LED 25 averaged LED intensity adapter
  • LED test socket (standard + high-brightness)
  • LED-81x/-850 test adapter for high-power LEDs
  • ACS LED calibration standard


CAS 140CT accessories for display measurement

  • TOP 200 telescope optical probe


Additonal CAS 140D accessories

  • Integrating spheres from 50 mm to 2000 mm, also UV-compatible
  • Optical probes EOP series


Software solutions

  • SpecWin Pro and SpecWind Light
  • Software developemt kit