Konica Minolta



CAS 120 Array spectrometer

High-performance, versatile array spectrometer from Instrument Systems for the precise measurement of photometric, colormetric and spectral characteristics in the range 200 to 830 nm.

Ideal for fully automated 24h/7d measurements in LED production and for quality assurance. Can be expanded to a universal laboratory measuring station.


  • Model variants UV/VIS and VIS
  • Integral density filter wheel (OD 1-4)
  • Shutter for automatic dark current correction
  • 2048 x 14 pixel back-illuminated CCD detector, 16 bit ADC
  • Short integration times up to 4 ms
  • USB interface with hardware trigger

Fields of application

1. Spectral measurements in the UV-VIS range
With models UV/VIS and VIS the CAS 120 array spectrometer measures the overall UV-VIS spectral range from 200 to 830 nm. All photometric, colormetric and spectral characteristics are determined in a single measurement:

- Luminous flux [lm] or intensity [cd]
- Color coordinates [x, y, z] and color temperature [K]
- Color rendering index (CRI)
- Dominant, centroid and peak wavelength [nm]
- Half-band width FWHM [nm]

2. Fully automated 24h/7d production
With its short measuring times, robust design and a high degree of accuracy, the CAS 120 array spectrometer is predestined for integration into the LED, OLED and SSL production flow and quality assurance. Specifically for LED manufacture, Instrument Systems offers the LED tester as a complete system, with its own tester software and high-performance hardware interface for fast integration.

3. Universal lab measurement station
With the wide range of accessories, the CAS 120 array spectrometer can be expanded to a universal lab measuring system. For this purpose, in addition to the required measurement adapters Instrument Systems also offers the SpecWin Pro and SpecWin Light software packages, which were specially tailored to lab tasks.