Konica Minolta



CAS 120 Array spectrometer

High-performance, versatile array spectrometer from Instrument Systems for the precise measurement of photometric, colormetric and spectral characteristics in the range 200 to 830 nm.

Ideal for fully automated 24h/7d measurements in LED production and for quality assurance. Can be expanded to a universal laboratory measuring station.



CAS 120 Array spectrometer – precise, versatile, attractive price
Precise, fast and flexible measurement, without exceeding the authorized budget – the CAS 120 spectrometer from Instrument Systems guarantees highly accurate and stable measurements at an attractive price.

Short measuring times, extremely good stray light suppression, high spectral resolution and optical accuracy including a wide range of accessories make the CAS 120 universally deployable. A cost reduction is achieved due to the absence of active cooling of the-thinned CCD detector, while innovative compensation of temperature-related fluctuations guarantees the robustness and reliability required for the production run.

Main fields of application
The CAS 120 array spectrometer is primarily used for price-sensitive applications in the production and quality assurance of LEDs, OLEDs and solid-state-lighting (SSL) products. Its reliability and robustness make it ideal for fully automated 24h/7d production. With fiber optic cables a wide range of measurement adapters and further accessories can be connected for different measurement tasks – up to a full-scale lab measuring station.