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CAS 140CT array spectrometer

Most successful model of high-performance array spectrometers from Instrument Systems for highly accurate measurements of all photo- and spectroradiometric quantities in the range from ultra-violett to infrared.


CAS 140CT Array spectrometer – reference spectrometer in use worldwide guaranteeing the highest degree of measurement accuracy
The complexity of spectral measurement continues to increase with growing quality demands. The CAS 140CT array spectrometer is regarded worldwide as a benchmark for precision and reliability in spectral measurement.

The various model variants of the spectrometer from 200 to 2150 nm make the CAS 140CT from Instrument Systems extremely flexible and usable for a wide range of applications, both in the lab and in production. Due to the outstanding precision with which all parameters are measured, the CAS 140CT is employed as a reference device in numerous international institutes and calibration labs.

Main fields of application
The CAS 140CT can be used in complete systems for LED measurement and for measuring displays of all forms of technology (e.g. LCD, OLED, CRT and LED displays). It is particularly suitable for the measurement of white LEDs, as the latter place stringent demands on the spectrometer in terms of measurement accuracy due to their narrow spectral distribution. Its broad range of applications extends from transmission and reflection measurements to the characterization of flash lamps, both in the lab and in production.