Konica Minolta



Easy Checker 2007™

Easychecker is a spectrophotometer accuracy and stability monitoring system that allows the user to keep medium to long term records on their instrument. The software uses a stable green ceramic tile and can warn operators when the instrument requires service and calibration.


Need to check if your instrument is still within its specifications? - It is easy with Easy Checker!

With this unique software you can monitor the short and long term stability of any Konica Minolta spectrophotometer at any time.

Easy Checker automatically recognises the connected instrument and thus, automatically sets the conditions and factory tolerances for the corresponding instrument model. Long-term stability is checked with the supplied green BCRA ceramic tile, which assures minimum termochromatic deviations due to temperature variations.

Easy Checker allows you to set the environmental temperature conditions with automatic compensation calculations. Once the initial conditions and standard measurement is done, the user can freely choose the check interval and thus will be able to monitor the performance for a fixed period by numerical values as well as history trend chart. The green background colour indicates "OK" status, whereas the yellow or red area indicate "warning" or "out of tolerance" conditions. In this case, Easy Checker will automatically show you a warning message suggesting to call for an authorized Konica Minolta service check of your instrument.


Easy Checker Software is applicable for the following Konica Minolta colour measurement instruments: