Total quantity of instruments manufactured by Konica Minolta Sensing breaks 2 million

Konica Minolta Sensing, Inc. is proud to announce that the total quantity of instruments manufactured since the start of production of the photographic exposure meter View Meter 9 in July 1964 broke through the 2-million-unit milestone at the end of December 2007. In commemoration of this event, a special gold-edition Spectrophotometer CM-700d unit was created.

With its beginnings in the photographic exposure meter business, what is currently Konica Minolta Sensing has grown and spread far beyond its roots, expanding to produce a variety of measuring instruments for industrial and medical fields, all of which based on technology for measuring light and measuring with light. Highlights among the products produced throughout Konica Minolta Sensing’s history include color analyzers that have become essential measuring instruments for quality control of various kinds of displays and epoch-making compact, lightweight portable colorimeters and spectrophotometers for on-location color control on production lines. These products have resulted in accelerating the increase in total manufactured quantity, so that although 31 years was required to reach the 1-million-unit milestone, the time required between the 1-million-unit milestone and the 2-million-unit milestone was only 12 years.

The various measuring instruments of Konica Minolta Sensing are utilized in diverse industrial and other fields not only in domestic Japan but throughout the world, contributing to the maintenance and improvement of quality for a wide range of products, the conservation, analysis, and restoration of art and other cultural artifacts, and the monitoring of patient health.

Konica Minolta Sensing will continue to offer advanced products and high-added-value services to meet the diverse needs of a wide range of customers by effectively utilizing optical design technologies cultivated throughout our history and our vast experience in providing various measuring systems.

1964 Introduction of View Meter 9 photographic exposure meter
1968 Introduction of TV Color Analyzer for analyzing and adjusting color displayed on televisions
1977 Introduction of Oxymet MET-1471, the world’s first fingertip-measuring-type oximeter
1979 Introduction of Digital Illuminance Meter T-1 compact high-performance illuminance meter
1980 Introduction of Jaundice Meter, the world’s first such instrument to take measurements using flash light
1982 Introduction of Chroma Meters CR-100 and CL-100, tristimulus colorimeters with compact designs
1988 Introduction of Spectrophotometer CM-1000, a compact spectrophotometer equipped with the world’s first single-chip spectral sensor

Introduction of Chroma Meter CR-300 series of compact, lightweight, high-accuracy tristimulus colorimeters

Introduction of CRT Color Analyzer CA-100 for high-speed measurements of CRT display color

1991 Introduction of Spectrophotometer CM-2002, a high-accuracy multi-function portable spectrophotometer
1993 Introduction of Spectrophotometer CM-500 series of highly portable spectrophotometers
1994 Introduction of Spectrophotometer CM-3700d, a high-accuracy multi-function desktop spectrophotometer for connection with and control by PC
1997 Introduction of Non-Contact 3D Digitizer VIVID 700 (VI-700 in Europe), a transportable instrument for non-contact measurements of three-dimensional shapes
1998 Introduction of Spectrophotometer CM-3600d, a high-accuracy desktop spectrophotometer with advanced capabilities
2000 Introduction of Spectrophotometers CM-2600d and CM-2500d, portable spectrophotometers that provide the high-accuracy and high-performance of desktop instruments in compact, lightweight bodies
2001 Introduction of 2D Color Analyzer CA-1500 for measuring two-dimensional color distribution of displays

Introduction of Color Analyzers CA-210 and CA-100plus for high-speed high-accuracy measurements of various kinds of color displays

Introduction of Chroma Meters CR-400 and CR-410, compact integrated tristimulus colorimeters that enable measurements without a connected data processor

2004 Introduction of Non-Contact 3D Digitizer VIVID 9i (VI-9i in Europe), an instrument for three-dimensional measurements of various formed parts optimized for industrial use
2005 Introduction of 2D Color Analyzer CA-2000 for high-resolution measurements of color distribution and color unevenness (mura) of various kinds of displays

Introduction of Spectroradiometer CS-2000, offering the world’s top level of spectral radiance and chromaticity measurements at low luminances

Introduction of Spectrophotometers CM-700d and CM-600d, compact, lightweight portable spectrophotometers with color LCDs and wireless data communication capability