New Colour Management System for industrial Inkjet Printing

Nieuwegein, June 2013


Atlantic Zeiser develops, manufactures and distributes technology components and integrated systems for commercial and governmental clients around the world. Their products help improve the cost efficiency, security and quality of digital and security printing for industrial print solutions and card printing systems. Atlantic Zeiser’s customers need quality digital printing, coding and serialization of products. Often with frequently changing content on demanding substrates and a quick turnaround.

Atlantic Zeiser were searching for a partner, who could deliver an efficient colour management solution, in order to assure consistent quality and to meet customers' stringent demands regarding reproduction of brand colours.

Konica Minolta were able to offer a solution that fulfils the demanding criteria of Atlantic Zeiser and their customers. The system comprises the Konica Minolta spectrodensitometer FD-7, the automated xy-stage ColorScout A+ and the Catch Print Pro Colour Management Software Suite.

Konica Minolta developed a characterization chart that is perfectly aligned to the Atlantic Zeiser card printing system. By distributing the colour chart over several cards The CSA+ can automate the entire measurement process, one of the major benefits of the versatile software is to recognise and scan ‘gaps’ on a chart.

"The new system raises the efficiency of the machine setup process significantly", says Friedbert Bayer, Director Market & Product Management Card Systems at Atlantic Zeiser.

After the measurement the software Catch Print Pro creates an output profile aligned to the material-/machine combination. This assures a surface feel like an offset printed product while maintaining the full colour gamut. "Until now we had to find a compromise between ink coverage, smooth renditions and colour gamut empirically which was time consuming. The new solution creates optimized separations without the need for user interaction for every card printing material", explains Friedbert Bayer.

An important customer demand is the exact reproduction of brand colours. The combination of precise and repeatable measurement equipment and high-end colour engine has exceeded Atlantic Zeiser’s expectations. "The old system did not provide a satisfactory reproduction. This can lead to expensive complaints for our customers. Having seen that the new system is able to reproduce brand colours within a dE < 1 we knew that we found the right solution.", says Friedbert Bayer.

Atlantic Zeiser and Konica Minolta developed an innovative solution to enable customers to keep the system working within tolerance. The control element delivers all the necessary information within the small print format of 86*54mm. Using this element it is possible to achieve quality control corresponding to Fogra PSD®.

Atlantic Zeiser launched this new solution in January 2013 in combination with the high-performance colour- and personalization platform PERSOLINE. All customers of card producers and personalization service providers using PERSOLINE can now benefit from optimal and repeatable colour reproduction.

Atlantic Zeiser will integrate the solution with other colour printing systems in the near future.




About Konica Minolta Sensing Europe B.V.:
Konica Minolta Sensing Europe B.V., an affiliate of Konica Optics Inc. Japan is a leading provider of measurement solutions for applications in the fields of Colour & Appearance, Light, Display and 3D form digitalization. Konica Minolta Sensing Europe serves the industry in the EMEA region with Branches and Distributors in more then 30 countries. Derived from our state-of-the-art optical and image processing technologies, measuring solutions from Konica Minolta Sensing help improve quality control and support R&D in a wide variety of industries.

Our colour management solutions are essential to control and monitor quality in many areas of manufacturing, such as automotive, coatings, plastic, construction materials, food, chemicals and pharmaceutics. In the innovative area of Light & Display technology, Konica Minolta Colour Analyzers enjoy an “industry standard” position. Our 3D digitizers are widely used in applications such as medicine, cultural heritage and academic education and research. Konica Minolta Sensing will continue to innovate, utilizing the latest high-accuracy sensing technology providing solutions which meet the ever-changing needs in diverse fields.



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