New functions & features for the award winning FD spectrophotometers

Nieuwegein, January 2013


Konica Minolta Sensing announces the immediate availability of new functions for the award winning spectrodensitometers FD-5 and FD-7

After being the industries first instruments offering measurement mode M1 according to ISO 13655 the update introduces unique features again. Todays color references in the Graphic Arts market (such as FOGRA39, ISO Coated V2) are all based on a white measurement backing. For good reasons printers have to control the conformance of a print on a black backing. This gap is closed by the FD-series instruments. Being able to compensate for backing differences they are the perfect tools for printers. Using the new function TARGETMATCH printers can easily predict the right density on black backing to achieve the colour of the proof, which is made for white backing. Of course it also enables spot colour matching. ISOCHECK allows a quick quality control of prints against ISO standards or own in-house standards. ColorSets for standard printing conditions are delivered with the free FD-Datamanagement Software. It also allows to create own ColorSets to be uploaded to the instruments.

The new plate measurement function makes the FDs even more versatile than before as customers are not forced to buy a separate plate measurement instrument anymore.

New standard accessory is a polarization filter enabling measurement mode M3 for process control.

All FDs are now delivered with the new functionalities. Existing users can download the update from the website and order the polarization filter free of charge until April 30th, 2013.





About Konica Minolta Sensing Europe B.V.:
Konica Minolta Sensing Europe B.V., an affiliate of Konica Optics Inc. Japan is a leading provider of measurement solutions for applications in the fields of Colour & Appearance, Light, Display and 3D form digitalization. Konica Minolta Sensing Europe serves the industry in the EMEA region with Branches and Distributors in more then 30 countries. Derived from our state-of-the-art optical and image processing technologies, measuring solutions from Konica Minolta Sensing help improve quality control and support R&D in a wide variety of industries.

Our colour management solutions are essential to control and monitor quality in many areas of manufacturing, such as automotive, coatings, plastic, construction materials, food, chemicals and pharmaceutics. In the innovative area of Light & Display technology, Konica Minolta Colour Analyzers enjoy an “industry standard” position. Our 3D digitizers are widely used in applications such as medicine, cultural heritage and academic education and research. Konica Minolta Sensing will continue to innovate, utilizing the latest high-accuracy sensing technology providing solutions which meet the ever-changing needs in diverse fields.


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