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Actual examples of the practical use of Konica Minolta light source/display measuring instruments are available below for your reference.

Optical Display Tests for Automotive

This article explains what is important when developers want to hand over a high-quality automotive display to their colleagues in the test field in a practical manner.

(Article in German)

Today’s TV choices cover a broad spectrum of screen sizes,aspect ratios, features, technologies, and prices. But what ultimately distinguishes one TV from another is how good the image looks.

(Only in English)

Rohde & Schwarz relies on products from Konica Minolta Sensing in its important wireless measurement technology division.

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Konica Minolta spectroradiometer for acquiring precise measurement data for groundbreaking innovations at the Institut für Rundfunktechnik (Institute for Broadcasting Technology).

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2D Color Analyzer CA-2000 used in the development of a thin 0.2mm-thick silicon light guide film (LGF) with high brightness and high uniformity.

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