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PaperManager is a dedicated software for production control in the Pulp- & Paper-Industry.


PaperManager was developed by NoviProfibre after years of servicing into the paper industry and is not only using latest software programming features but also taking into consideration the latest standards for colour measurement in the Pulp- and Paper-Industry.

Beside the commonly known colorimetric assessments, PaperManager calculates paper industry specific indices and whiteness values. One highlight is the user-configurable screen design for easy operation and handling for daily routine measurements.

PaperManager allows the user to configure individual production control routines. With this exclusive function, specific production control programs with different control parameters for each production line can be set and stored by the supervisor. The operator himself can fully concentrate on measurements

Paper Manager setup screen

After each measurement, and without any further operations, the values are displayed in table form on one single screen, together with reflection curves or CIELAB graphics.

Paper Manager software data display