Konica Minolta



LumiCam 2400B Series

Imaging colorimeters for 2D light measurement
Solution for complex measurement requirements in aviation, automotive, general lighting or the display industry.


LumiCam 2400B Series – colorimetric characterization of displays and automotive interior lighting
The 2D imaging colorimeter LumiCam features a precise determination of photometrical properties such as luminance and color distributions within seconds. Therefore, the camera has become an industry-leading light measurement system applied for quality assurance of dashboards, panel displays, widescreen cockpits or instrument clusters in research, product development as well as production.

The LumiCam is a high-resolution 2D luminance and color measurement device based on optical filters. Dependent on the LumiCam variant (Mono, Color, or Advanced) a sensor-adjusted filter is either permanently mounted between the lens and the sensor or a filter wheel allows for a successive pivoting of multiple spectral filters into the detection path. New vis-à-vis the predecessor models are the range of lenses with motorized focus and apertures

The LumiCam is supported with powerful diagnostic software for the investigation of photometric data. Software features such as polylines or sticking image are part of the functionalities.

Main fields of application
The imaging measurement system is perfect for versatile automotive test applications, e.g. measurement of luminance and color distributions of displays and control elements or uniformity analysis of flat panel display screens.