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CAS 120B-HR Array Spectrometer

High-resolution spectroradiometer for the characterization of narrow-band emission sources, e.g. VCSEL


  • High-resolution measurements of up to 0.12 nm half-band width and 0.05 nm data point interval

  • Integration times as short as 4 ms
  • Powerful and attractively priced for production and laboratory
  • Integrated density filter wheel for a broad measurable intensity range

Typical applications:

In-process inspection for laser diode mass production
The mass production of laser diodes – in particular VCSEL – calls for fast and at the same time precise and comparable in-process inspection in which every single laser diode is individually tested. Measurement solutions on the basis of a high-resolution array spectroradiometer such as the CAS 120B-HR are ideal for this. The fixed configuration of the optical components ensures high mechanical stability and thus high repeat accuracy of the optical measurement.

The spectrum is captured by means of an array detector in a single shot. This enables integration times of only a few milliseconds and thus very high throughput volumes or short cycle times for measurements. The spectral qualification of pulsed laser diodes is also possible with the CAS 120B-HR. Because the CAS 120B-HR – like all spectroradiometers from Instrument Systems – is absolutely calibrated, it also delivers the power rating as a direct result of measurement, so that no additional photodiode is required for power measurement.