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CAS 120B-HR Array Spectrometer

High-resolution spectroradiometer for the characterization of narrow-band emission sources, e.g. VCSEL


CAS 120B-HR array spectroradiometer with a high spectral resolution of 0.12 nm and short integration times as low as 4 ms
The design of the recently introduced HR versions of the CAS 120 series was specially geared to the measurement of narrow-band emission sources such as laser diodes (also VCSEL). Extremely high spectral resolution of up to 0.12 nm half-band width and particularly short integration times as low as 4 ms permit rapid testing in the lab and production. Temporal measurements of laser diodes with a pulsed operating mode in the nanosecond range are also possible in an extended setup with a photodiode.

Main fields of application
In the price-sensitive mass production of laser diodes, e.g. VCSEL, the high-resolution CAS 120B-HR array spectroradiometer is an efficient measurement solution for 24/7 operation. Its configuration provides for high mechanical stability, accompanied by the shortest integration times. Compared to established measurement techniques, it thus guarantees larger throughput volumes and superior reliability, particularly in harsh production environments.