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Colibri® ColorMatch is efficient, powerful and easy to use. Using a proprietary algorythm it ensures accurate matching of colour and opacity on opaque, translucent and transparent materials as well as metallic effects while reducing the number of correction steps. Users can  easily switch between several base materials helping to save time and resources in all stages of the matching process.

Colibri® ColorMatch features and benefits include:

  • User-friendly, intuitive and seamless interface
  • Highly efficient matching of opaque, translucent and transparent colors
  • Recipe calculation on different substrates
  • Vary base material as required, using only one colorant library
  • Simplifies the use of leftover materials, reducing waste and costs
  • Customization of functionality and feature settings to match your application and workflow
  • An integrated “Expert System”, allowing pigment pre-selection according to application requirements to simplify use of parameters such as light fastness or other criterias.
  • One standard recipe to calculate every possible colour recipe combination
  • Automatic database update with every change in colour strength, allowing for colour fluctuations in base materials
  • User management, access rights and permissions management using existing enterprise IT management tools
  • Compatibility with all Konica Minolta as well as the majority of other brand spectrophotometers


Additional options:

Batch Recipe Calculator
Calculates and stores “the best recipe” for specified colour data files or whole colour catalogues using pre-defined matching templates in a predefined order. This Add-on is essential for recipe creation for POS applications.

It also allows users to replace components in master recipes systematically and to check the quality of the updated recipes prior to the final replacement.

3D Color Gamut Viewer
Allows to view colour recipes, catalogues and standard collections in the CIELAB colour space. It displays true colour hulls and colour points and enables users to follow the colour travel of effect pigments, to identify and reduce the number of similar products in a range as well as to spot the gaps in the colour space.

Quality Control
Add-on for Quality Control with similar features as Module Colibri® ColorQuality

Add-on for Dispensing with similar features as Module Colibri® ColorTint

Result table of a matching process
Optical data analysis of a colourant

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