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Colibri Header: One software platform for the global colour supply chain.


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Colibri® ColorQuality enables manufacturers and suppliers to manage and control production. The “Job” function helps to organize quality control tasks, no matter of application or requirement. Flexible creation of job displays and job reports is possible to meet internal or external requests.


Colibri® ColorQuality features and benefits include:

  • Improved colour communication between management, production and partners
  • Increased cooperation between supply chain participants
  • Fast assessment of the conformity of production to a standard under different illuminants
  • Visual display of limits on screen
  • Availability of the most common pass / fail criteria, including delta E (CIE Lab), CIE 94, CMC, FMC-2 and Hunter Lab
  • Chart mode enables to see at a glance where and how deviations affect the colour
  • Template function allows to optimize the workflow of end users
  • Selection of colour strength methods, help to determine the quality and consistency of production batches
  • Compatibility with multi-angle measurement devices, improves control over the quality of effect shades

Additional options

3D Color Gamut Viewer
Allows to view colour recipes, catalogues and standard collections in the CIELAB colour space. It displays true colour hulls and colour points and enables to follow the colour travel of effect pigments, to identify and reduce the number of similar products in a range as well as to spot the gaps in the colour space.

Result table and graphical display of a QC Job
3-D display of a choice of colours

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