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Colibri Header: One software platform for the global colour supply chain.


Colibri is a color management and matching solution like no other, a fully modular software platform for color control, scalable from one site to a global supply chain whilst maintaining strict control and data ownership. The solution allows streamlining of the entire supply process from specification to color matching to QC.


The Colibri® modules are:

  • ColorSpec – for the specification of brand colours and standards
  • ColorMatch – for colour matching and prediction of colour and opacity in different applications and on a variety of substrates
  • ColorQuality – for monitoring, certification and final approval of coloured products
  • ColorTint – for both manual and automatic dispensing of colour recipes in lab, production or at the POS


Colibri® is suitable for single-client and small businesses as well as for large global enterprise installation. Utilising the latest in information technology, it can also be hosted in the cloud or in your own network environment. Take advantage of both our industry expertise and our assistance with:

  • Specification of brand colours
  • Customization of colour standards
  • Colour management for the entire value chain
  • Colour measurement with the associated application support
  • Colour communication tools and services
  • Accelerated creation of quality products
  • Connection with enterprise resource planning tools and other third party software products

Konica Minolta Sensing is a distributor of matchmycolor LLC for software and services.
Colibri® is a registered trademark of matchmycolor LLC; Microsoft®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8 and Windows® 10 are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.