Konica Minolta



Portable Spectrophotometers CM-700d (No Wireless)/ CM-600d (No Wireless)

Ideal for colour measurement of solid samples. The vertical alignment of this portable spectrophotometer means that it has a small footprint, perfect for small or curved surfaces.


The new devices are portable sphere type spectrophotometers with vertical alignment, perfectly suited for precise and repeated colour measurement of shaped and curved samples. For each measurement, data for specular components included (SCI) and excluded (SCE) are taken simultaneously to analyse the surface conditions.

A large size colour LCD screen for numerical and graphic data display brings colour measurement to levels never experienced before. In addition, the CM-700d (No Wireless) offers additional 3mm measuring aperture to perfectly adapt to small sample sizes. Easy and intuitive user guidance in 6 languages guarantees maximum efficiency for daily colour quality control in the lab or the production line.

The new generation of portable spectrophotometers offer new technologies, enhanced ergonomics by applying Konica Minolta’s advanced optical design and signal processing technology