Konica Minolta



Rhopoint IQ-S – Close-Tolerance Glossmeter

Trigloss 20/60/85° close-tolerance IQ version for maximum accuracy and resolution in all gloss applications.


The Rhopoint IQ-S is the ultimate glossmeter upgrade

The Rhopoint IQ-S was specially designed and built to match automotive interior gloss measurement standards. IQ-S gloss measurements are fully compatible with existing Micro-TRI-gloss-S results.

All IQ-S are close tolerance selected for maximum accuracy and comparability in all gloss applications.

The Rhopoint IQ-S not only measures gloss but also measures image quality and profiles how light is reflected from a surface. Standard glossmeters only measure how much light is reflected and are not sensitive to effects which dramatically reduce appearance quality.

Advanced features – for FAST easy measurement

  • Full colour easy to read screen with Pass/Fail indication
  • Onboard Statistics and Graphs
  • USB results download to PC without the need to install software
  • Batch description with user definable names
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Pocket sized instrument with integrated tile holder
  • Fast measurement, <2 secs.
  • Fast and simultaneous measurement of all parameters
  • Fully automatic calibration with tile detection and verification
  • 17hrs+ continuous operation or 20,000+ readings
  • On board memory for 999+ readings with full

Best in class accuracy and traceability

  • ISO 17025 UKAS calibration certificate
  • Advanced standard verification system guarantees error free calibration.