Konica Minolta



Luminance Meters LS-150 / LS-160

A next generation handheld digital luminance meter for measurement of light sources and reflected light. Building on the key design features of their predecessors with new features, improved accuracy and increased measurement range.


Portable Precision Luminance Meter
The LS-150 and LS-160 are lightweight, compact and battery powered luminance meters for the measurement of a wide range of luminance conditions. A worthy successor to the LS-100 and LS-110, the new instruments offer improved features and usability. These next generation instruments provide an increased measurement range and improved V(λ) correlation (CIE relative photopic luminosity curve).

To provide the most accurate measurement of luminance, the relative spectral response of the measuring instrument should perfectly match the sensitivity of the human eye for photopic vision, as represented by the CIE spectral luminous efficiency V(λ). Alongside improved usability, the LS-150/160 feature an improved correlation to V(λ) and a greatly improved measurement range upto 999,900 cd/m2 (LS-150) and 9,999,000 cd/m2 (LS-160).

The LS-150 and 160 feature the same user friendly features as the popular
LS-100 and LS-110:

  • SLR (single lens reflex) optical system and pistol grip design gives the operator precise control over targeting and ensures that the viewfinder shows the exact area to be measured, even at very short distances.
  • The measured luminance value is displayed both inside the viewfinder and on the large external monochrome display.
  • The optical system is virtually flare-free, eliminating the influence of light from outside the measurement area.
  • Areas as small as 0.4mm diameter (LS-160) can be measured when using the optional close-up lenses (for information on measurement areas please check the table within the instrument specifications).
  • The result is a truly next generation measuring instrument, both accurate and user friendly. The LS-150 also satisfies the criteria for DIN 5032-7 Class B.


Principal Applications

  • Measurement of the luminance of CRTs, LED’s, and EL’s.
  • Measurement of road and tunnel brightness
  • Measurement of rail-system signals
  • Measurement of road and airport signals
  • Measurement of illumination and outdoor signs
  • Measurement of illumination equipment and devices
  • Research and measurement testing
  • Measurement of device brightness