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Graphic Arts


Graphic Arts

The demand for objective colour control for printed products rises constantly. Be it traditional printing processes or digital printing processes for advertising or packaging, the new Konica Minolta FD series of spectrodensitometers offer reliable and accurate measurements. The unique patented Virtual Fluorescence Standard assures accurate measurements also for substrates with optical brighteners for any lighting condition. Of course all measurement modes of ISO 13655 are fully supported. This includes the UV calibration as well as the necessary geometry.

Certainly colour matching applications for spotcolours do highly profit from the FDs accuracy.

For special applications like measurements of metallic effects in packaging applications or structured materials in LFP applications the combination of sphere instruments and automated XY-stage offers new opportunities to assure accurate colour.

Suitable products for the Graphic Arts:

Autoscan Spectrophotometer:

Portable Spectrodensitometers:

Portable Spectrophotometers:
CM-26dG / CM-26d / CM-25d

Gloss Meter:
Rhopoint iQ-S

Automation solution
XY-stage CSA+

Light Cabinets:
LED Color Light Cabinets
Color View Light Cabinets

Software Solutions: