Konica Minolta



Surface Paint Quality Scanner

State of the Art Scanning System of Paint Defects in the Production Line

EINES® has developed State of the Art Solutions for Surface Inspection, 3D Guidance and Quality Control Systems for the Automotive Industry. Our focus to the Automotive Industry reflects by many installations enjoying reference status for these applications on a global scale. 

As Konica Minolta Group Company, EINES® customers will profit from global Sales and Services capabilities of a global acting company. 

The EINES® esφi Paint-Quality Scanner is the first system able to scan on a moving line with short cycle times, and respectively no interruption of production tact times resulting in higher productivity and efficiency. The Scanner can be configured for all current and future car bodies within similar dimensions. 

The EINES® esφi Paint-Quality Scanner is able to scan bi-tone cars and has the capability of auto teaching new colors. Besides detecting small coating defects down to 0.1mm² such as orange peel, pinholes and other paint microdefects, it also detects dents and peaks. 

The reduced dimensions of the vision booth, with light aluminum structure, allows an immediate installation on site without costly conveyor modifications, using the existing transport conveyer, moving tables or lift. Since system is free of moving parts, there is no wear and thus very low maintenance costs.

The EINES® esφi Paint-Quality Scanner is ready for future expansions by interfacing with forthcoming robotic refinishing systems providing the necessary type and exact location of defect. This will further enhance productivity, efficiency and cost reductions.

  • Fast scanning on moving line for short cycle times
  • Expandable to future robotic refinishing system
  • Flexibility to scan multiple shapes & bi-tone car bodies
  • Small system footprint to fit any production line
  • Fast ROI through gains in efficiency & productivity

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