Konica Minolta



Display Colour Analyzer CA-410

Measure and adjust chromaticity and gamma characteristics of smartphone, tablet, television and other HDR displays across a wider luminance range than ever before. Successor to the industry standard CA-310.


Improved performance when measuring OLED displays

The greater intensity and wider color gamut of OLED devices has created a need for the next level in measurement performance. The CA-410 has been developed to meet the exacting requirements of companies developing, manufacturing, calibrating and repairing next generation display technology.

Greatly increased luminance range for HDR High-Dynamic-Range display measurement

The CA-410 features a wide measurement range from extremely low to high luminance. The increased measurement range enables greatly increased accuracy when characterizing smartphones, tablets, televisions and other HDR displays with improved contrast ratio and color reproduction.

Wider measurement application support

Working together with long-standing CA-series customers, the CA-410 was developed to deliver higher reliability for a wider range of measurement targets and applications; when measuring gamma, for example, the CA-410 provides reduced between-range errors, shorter range switching time, and support for low-frequency-drive displays.

Optional direct PC connection

The CA-410 includes PC software to directly connect a probe via USB (Serial connection is still available).

Display Colour Analyzer CA-410 using PC software