Konica Minolta



LumiCam 2400 Series

Imaging colorimeters for 2D light measurement
Solution for complex measurement requirements in aviation, automotive, general lighting or the display industry.


LumiCam 2400 variants: Mono, Color, and Advanced
High-resolution sensor up to five megapixels
Wide luminance measuring range – up to 13 orders of magnitude
Multiple exposures allow a dynamic range of five decades in a single image

LumiCam 2400B Color
High-resolution sensor up to five megapixels
30 % faster measurements for color measurement (compared with LumiCam variants)
20 % shorter housing
Motorized objective lenses and apertures for increased usability


Fields of application:

Automotive interior measurement
With its high resolution of 5 megapixels, the LumiCam 2400 imaging colorimeter is optimized for the fast spatially resolved analysis of display symbols and control elements in vehicles and displays. In addition to the measurement of luminance and color distribution the homogeneity, contrast and mura of displays and flat panel displays can also be quickly and extremely accurately determined. In combination with the positioning system DTS and the new spectroradiometer CAS 140D it’s a high-end turnkey solution for highly accurate colorimetric characterization of displays and automotive interior lighting.