Konica Minolta



ProMetric I-Series: 2D Luminance and Color Imaging

Uniquely offering High Resolution, High Speed and High Accuracy, all at once – enabling advanced applications in Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Electronics, Lighting, Research & Development.


Scientific Grade CCD Sensor

  • Pixel resolution between 2 – 29 Megapixels
  • 12 bit dynamic range / Increase dynamic range through Multi-Exposure Measurement (HDR)
  • Peltier cooled and temperature stabilized sensor
  • Data read-out over multiple channels in parallel
  • Anti-Blooming protection


Electronic Lenses

  • Calibrated measurements at all working distances
  • Software control of focus & aperture settings
  • Automatic lens recognition
  • Automatic selection of calibration data


Filters / Optics

  • High-speed filter wheel with CIE matched XYZ color filters
  • High-speed filter wheel with Neutral Density filters (ND0,ND1,ND2)
  • Large diameter optics for max. light collection
  • Optional External Neutral Density filters



  • Ethernet and USB2 interface
  • PC control (MS Windows)
  • API Control / LabVIEW and Matlab drivers / example files


ProMetric Software (free)

Manual Analysis Software, including functions such as luminance cross-section / histogram / ISO-luminance plots / 3D luminance graphs / Point-of-Interest testing / Auto-POI finding & analysis/ Support of goniometrical and angulardependent analysis / Automatic cropping of display active area / Automatic removal of Moire interference / Image keystone correction / Wide range of user-calibrations


TrueTest Software

Automated & Manual Test Software includes the functionality of ProMetric software and more, i.e. Production test sequencer / Advanced reporting tool / Serial number tracking / P\Video pattern generator / Wide range of display analysis functions / Ability to implement user-defined analysis functions / Goniometer control / Multi-channel measurement


Application Specific Software

Software packages for testing illuminating keyboards / Software for calibrating & correction of large LED panel displays