Konica Minolta



ProMetric I-Series: 2D Luminance and Color Imaging

Uniquely offering High Resolution, High Speed and High Accuracy, all at once – enabling advanced applications in Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Electronics, Lighting, Research & Development.


Performance and appearance from flat-panel displays, car interiors, LED lighting are continuously pushed to improve the user experience. Test & Measurement instruments must keep up with the technology.
With a pixel resolution ranging between 2 - 29 Megapixels, the I-series is able to analyze pixel defects on a >4K display, or test the color & brightness of many illuminating symbols of an automotive instrument cluster at once.
The I-Series is equipped with 2x high-speed filter wheels, one with CIE matched XYZ color filters and one with Neutral Density filters (ND0,ND1,ND2) for light attenuation.
Due to state-of-the-art data handling, the 29 MP I-series can achieve speeds previously only possible with a low resolution camera, making it a preferred camera for in-line production testing.
In short, the I-Series meets the test requirements for current’ and next generation products.