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CAS 140CT IR array spectrometer

High-performance array spectrometers from Instrument Systems for precise measurements of all photo- and spectroradiometric quantities in the infrared spectral range.


CAS 140CT IR series – Worldwide reference spectrometer guaranteeing high-performance measurement in the infrared spectral range

The CAS 140 portfolio of Instrument Systems is regarded worldwide as a benchmark for precision and reliability in spectral measurement.  The array spectroradiometers master in perfection the growing quality demands and increasing complexity of spectral measurement tasks within a broad wavelength range, e.g. in the IR range.  

Our two CAS 140CT models IR1 (780 nm – 1650 nm) and IR2 (1500 nm – 2150 nm) are available for measuring wavelengths up to 2150 nm. In the IR1 range a model for the measurement of particularly low radiant flux (high sensitivity option) is additionally available. All devices offer a unique combination of high accuracy with ruggedness and reliability and can be used very flexible and application independent, both in the laboratory and in production. Like all spectrometers from Instrument Systems, the infrared models come with a calibration traceable to the PTB or NIST.

Main fields of application
The CAS 140CT infrared models are among the key measuring instruments in the complex system solutions from Instrument Systems. By virtue of their long service life and reliability, they are employed in the development and quality control of broadband light sources and infrared LEDs. In combination with other CAS models, the spectroradiometer system results in an extraordinary measuring scope (MultiCAS system). Thus, the CAS 140CT spectroradiometer for IR results in an extremely wide application spectrum in established brands and new challenges, e.g. in transmission, reflection or photovoltaics.