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JUST Normlicht - LED Color Proof Light v2 XL Hybrid Luminare

Light Cabinets for visual colour assessment using LED Hybrid technology. Providing illumination in commonly used configurations via both LED array and fluorescent tubes in combination. LED array lifetime of at least 10 times longer than fluorescent lamp systems.
3 additional fluorescent light tubes (standard is TL84, can be customized upon request) to accurately visualize metameric effects with fluorescent lighting (Hybrid version).


Visual assessment of colour in accordance with various international norms

A light cabinet assures that visual colour assessments are done in a consistent and thus objective way, not affected by constantly changing natural or artificial lighting.

The use of a colour assessment cabinet in Quality Control is strongly recommended to assure a visual match when compared to data and assessments of a colour measuring instrument.

JUST Normlicht LED colour assessment cabinets eliminate product quality and supply chain problems caused by colour inaccuracy. Several versions are available to suit your specific needs and can be upgraded using the LED Color Control Professional software.

Being able to program light colours measured anywhere with a light measuring device offers ideal conditions for colour decisions under standardized but also special lighting conditions. Not only can metameric effects be recognized in time but all possible colour inconstancy effects for all kind of lighting conditions can be simulated.

JUST Normlicht has developed for the first time a LED light source that fulfils the high requirements for colour assessment of all industries were colour is crucial. To control the LED properties to the requirements JUST Normlicht has developed a complex multilevel calibration procedure that calibrates each single LED light source and stores the spectral properties in the unit’s electronic controls. This process is unique and therefore has a patent filed for by JUST Normlicht.

  • lluminant D50, D65, A and UV in »Basic« version, with dimmer and with luminance control
  • Hybrid offers additional fluorescent light tubes (by standard TL84 but other fluorescent types may be chosen) to accurately simulate fluorescent lighting.
  • Simulation of any standard illuminant: D50, D65, D75, A etc.
    (with LED Control Professional software only!)
  • Perfect simulation of almost any LED spectrum for visual color control
    (with LED Control Professional software only!)
  • Controlled UV content for recognition of fluorescence (OBA´s)
    (with LED Control Professional software only!)
  • Independent selection of colour temperature or chromaticity coordinates
    (with LED Control Professional software only!)
  • Unique LED calibration method (patent pending)