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CRT Color Analyzer CA-100Plus

The reference instrument for whiteness and color control on CRT Monitors

For more than 10 years, the Konica Minolta CRT Color Analyzer CA-100 has set the standards for white balancing and colour control on CRT monitors for computer and broadcast displays.
With the new CRT COLOR ANALYZER CA-100Plus, Konica Minolta presents a new reference instrument with highly improved functions and accuracy to confirm its leadership in display measurement technology, while maintaining the ease of use, functionality and compatibility to the famous CA-100.

Measurement speed has been improved as well as the measuring range, which has been expanded for the low luminance range.

The CA-100Plus is characterised by its ease of use. The lightweight receptor head is simply held in front of the television or monitor and the measurement values appear immediately on the large display. A rubber lip on the receptor head minimises the effects of ambient light.

The measurement values can be displayed as luminance (cd/m2 or ftl) with standard color values (XYZ, Yxy) or color temperature (T, Δuv) or RGB values. A programmable LED display additionally shows the deviation from a reference value using an analogue display.

A special highlight of the CA-100Plus is the display of the RGB values. Through a patented algorithm, the necessary conversion calculation from standard color values (XYZ, Yxy) into RGB values for a measured reference monitor allow very quick and easy white balancing.


Successor model CA-410