Konica Minolta



Bench-top Spectrophotometer CM-36dGV

World’s first Color-and-Gloss Bench-top spectrophotometer with vertical alignment, unsurpassed technology and best price / performance ratio for reflectance and transmission colour measurements

Optional accessories

Transmittance Zero Calibration plate CM-A100

The Transmission Zero Calibration Plate CM-A100 is required to block the light path for zero calibration in transmittance measurement mode. The black and mat coating of the plate absorbs also stray light within the transmission chamber of the instrument.

Item Order Code: 1864-712

Transmittance Specimen Holder CM-A96

For precise positioning of transparent plates, films or other transparent samples for transmittance measurements. Holds the Rectangular Cells CM-A97 (2 mm path), CM-A98 (10 mm path), CM-A99 (20 mm path) and the Rectangular Disposal Cells CM-A CM-A130 (2 mm path), CM-A131 (10 mm path) and CM-A132 (20 mm path) or the Flow Cell CM-A508 (10 mm path) always in perfect and repeatable position for precise transmittance measurements of liquids.

Item Order Code: 1864-708

Opacity Tool

The Opacity Tool is equipped on one side with a white tile and on the opposite side with a black cavity and allows quick and precise opacity measurements of paper, films and similar materials. The Opacity Tool is attached instead of the standard sample holder, but thanks to the turnable sample holder the Opacity Tool can be used also for standard reflectance measurements.

Item Order Code: A3UJ-900

Black Glass Tile CM-A511

High gloss black glass tile with high absorption. Due to the extreme long term stability perfect to use as background standard.

Item Order Code: 9970-1109

PET Pre-Form Holder Vertical CM-A513

The PET-Pre-Form Holder CM-A513 allows a precise positioning of transparent PET Pre-forms in the transmission chamber of the instrument. The Snap-In mechanic allows a quick exchange of the pre-forms.

Item Order Code: 9970-218