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CAS 120 Array spectrometer

High-performance, versatile array spectrometer from Instrument Systems for the precise measurement of photometric, colormetric and spectral characteristics in the range 200 to 830 nm.

Ideal for fully automated 24h/7d measurements in LED production and for quality assurance. Can be expanded to a universal laboratory measuring station.


Together with the appropriate accessories, Instrument Systems offers a highly flexible system solution that is ideal for the comprehensive measurement of LEDs and SSL light sources or displays during the development process or in quality control.

Accessories for precise characterization of SSL/LED light sources

  • Integrating spheres of the ISP series
  • Auxiliary light source for performing a self-absorption correction
  • Calibration LEDs of the ACS series
  • Luminous intensity measurement adapter in accordance with CIE 127
  • LED test sockets
  • SpecWin Pro software package 

Accessories for display production tests

  • Imaging colorimeters of the LumiTop series
  • Calibration LEDs of the ACS series
  • Calibration traceable to the PTB or NIST
  • LED test sockets
  • LumiSuite software package