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CAS 125 Fast Array Spectrometer

High-end spectroradiometer with CMOS sensor, time-optimized control and high production efficiency


CAS 125 array spectroradiometer – with recipe mode geared to production efficiency
In the design of its new CAS 125 spectroradiometer, Instrument Systems opted for a CMOS sensor that is activated by specially developed readout electronics. This combination enables minimum measurement times of 0.01 ms while offering optimum long-term stability. The spectrograph block is based on the established high-end instrument CAS 140D, thereby ensuring that the CAS 125 has an optical performance comparable to the CAS 140D with regard to stray light and optical throughput.

Main fields of application
For the new CAS 125 spectroradiometer, Instrument Systems placed the focus on production-related applications for LEDs in the spectral range between 200 and 1100nm. In so doing, Instrument Systems rises to the challenge posed by production lines that are increasingly complex, faster and yet more convenient in operation. With the new CAS 125 we offer an attractively priced measuring system for quality inspection in mass production that can be individually aligned to customer requirements with modular, flexible components.