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CAS 140D High-end Array Spectrometer

Stray light corrected array spectrometer suitable as a reference instrument in laboratories and for production



CAS 140D array spectrometer – highest degree of measurement accuracy at high and low light intensities, combined with compact design and a new “plug & play” principle

State-of-the-art optics and mechanics coupled with the most innovative evaluation applications make the CAS 140D unique. Due to the integration of a stray light correction matrix into the calibration process, this high-end spectrometer delivers measurement results of hitherto unrivalled precision. With a wavelength accuracy of less than ±0.2 nm the CAS 140D is the first spectrometer to reliably comply with the limit defined in IEC 62471 for the determination of blue light hazard by white LEDs.

In conjunction with other light measurement instrumentation offered by Instrument Systems, such as ISP integrating spheres, the CAS 140D high-end spectrometer is ideal for the highly accurate measurement of correlated color temperature CCT and the color rendering index CRI. The traceable measurement uncertainties are only ±0.0015 on the standard chromaticity coordinates of white LEDs, and are reliably estimated using state-of-the-art validated Monte Carlo calculations.  

Main fields of application
Like its predecessor the CAS 140CT, the CAS 140D has an extremely wide range of applications – in LED measurement as well as the examination of displays of any technology (e.g. LCD, LED and OLED). Thanks to its robustness and short measuring times, the CAS 140D array spectrometer is also perfectly suitable for tough production environments. With back-illuminated CCD sensors, cooled to -10 °C, it satisfies the most exacting requirements in terms of sensitivity and stability, e.g. in LED in-process inspection.

As the technological successor to the proven CAS 140CT, it is also ideal as a reference instrument in national calibration labs.