Konica Minolta



CAS 140CT array spectrometer

Most successful model of high-performance array spectrometers from Instrument Systems for highly accurate measurements of all photo- and spectroradiometric quantities in the range from ultra-violett to infrared.



  • Model variants from 200 to 2150 nm
  • Cooled high-end array detector with efficient stray light suppression
  • Integral density filter wheel
  • Integral dark current shutter
  • Measuring times in msec range
  • USB or PCI interface
  • Electronic accessory recognition
  • Software solutions for lab and production applications


Fields of application:

LED measurement
The CAS 140CT array spectrometer from Instrument Systems is the internationally recognized reference in LED measurement, both in the lab and production run testing. It is employed for the determination of all optical parameters of LEDs, OLEDs and other solid-state lighting products. Its high level of precision is particularly impressive in the measurement of white LEDs. The CAS 140CT can be adopted to a complete LED measuring system with CIE 127-conformant measurement adapters for luminous intensity and averaged LED intensity, integrating spheres for determining the luminous flux and goniophotometers for the analysis of spatial radiation properties of LEDs. 

Display measurement
The CAS 140CT array spectrometer forms the basis of the complete DTS 140 universal display test system from Instrument Systems. Robust array spectrometer technology delivers precise analyses of radiance and luminance, as well as the color of displays and back-lit symbol displays. It can be used in the lab, as well as in continuous operation in production and quality assurance. 

Flexible launching of radiation into the spectrometer with the aid of the telescope optical probe opens up a further field of application. High-resolution lenses permit the inspection of even the smallest symbols and structures up to 0.075 mm in diameter.