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Catch Profiler

AutoProfiler – Perfect separation built-in

Catch Profiler enables the highest quality ICC profiling for RGB, CMYK and Greyscale output devices. User interaction can be limited to a minimum to maximise productivity and ease of use. The built-in data analysis algorithms ensure perfect quality of colour separation for your printing process. Seamless integration of Konica Minolta's FD-series spectrophoto­meters enables the user to create profiles tailored to specific viewing environments.

Print Profiler – Full control

Catch Profiler enables users to take close control of all parameters for their ICC profiles. The separation strategy can be chosen to meet specific requirements. General black generation as well as special needs for neutral greys can be influenced. Control of tone value limits will ensure optimum quality even for critical printing processes.

Gamut mapping errors cost the average print company a great deal of time. Catch Profiler’s highly sophisticated mapping strategies will optimise image reproduction and cut time lost for manual retouching.

The built-in batch profiling solution ensures an efficient workflow for creating profiles with different parameters. The multispectral measurements of Konica Minolta's groundbreaking FD-series instruments can be processed into optimised profiles for different viewing conditions in seconds.

PrintProfiler Screenshot

AutoImprove – Intelligence built-in

Users have the option of expanded intelligent data optimisation to help achieve the highest ICC profile quality.

AutoImprove automatically compensates for errors caused by dirty or scratched test charts and random noise from structured substrates like uncoated papers.